NRC faced angry citizens on DU in Hawaii

NRC faced angry citizens on DU in Hawaii

by DLi
Friday Aug 28th, 2009 11:40 AM

Last night the Nuclear Regulatory Commission held a meeting in Hilo, Hawaii on the Army’s application for a license to deposit unknown amounts of Depleted Uranium(DU)at the Pohakuloa Training Area on Mauna Kea, considered by many native Hawaiians as a sacred temple. Over 50 concerned citizens confronted the NRC on its checkered past in safeguarding health & safety of citizens from the nuclear industry, as well as its rubber-stamping of the Military’s mishandling of DU. It was revealed that the NRC had never turned down an application from the U.S. Military.

But the bulk of the citizens’ anger was focused on the Army’s willful non-compliance of Hawaii County Council’s resolution to demand a stop to all live fire exercises at PTA until an assessment and cleanup of DU has been completed. Dozens of citizens from the environmental, kanaka maoli, Peace and scientific communities all testified on the U.S. Military’s sordid history of stonewalling, disinformation and illegal dumping of toxic wastes on the revered aina of Hawai’i.

The consensus from the community? Stop all bombings and live fire at Pohakuloa! And Stop desecrating the land while training troops for foreign invasions! As in the previous night’s meeting in Kona, citizens are united in demanding that the NRC do its job and deny any license for the Army to leave DU and other toxic substances in place. All citizens agree that they will not accept a nuclear dump site to be established up at Pohakuloa or any other community in Hawai’i. And the Public is asked to write to the NRC(website: before October 13, 2009 to demand a formal hearing to be held.


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