Israeli Teenagers Say NO to the Israeli Occupation

Announcement from World Can’t Wait Hawai’i:

Israeli Teenagers Say NO to the Israeli Occupation

Monday, September 21, 2009

UH-Manoa Architecture Auditorium


The “Why We Refuse” Tour is a national tour of two Israeli women who have come to the United States to speak about their experiences as conscientious objectors in the Israeli army.

Maya Wind and Netta Mishly are part of an Israeli group called Shministim, Israeli high school students who have been imprisoned for refusing to serve in an army that occupies the Palestinian Territories.

Their national tour is being coordinated by the national offices of Jewish Voice for Peace and Code Pink Women for Peace. Their appearance in Hawai`i is being organized by a coalition including Friends of Sabeel-Hawai`i, World Can’t Wait-Hawai`i, and Jewish Voice for Peace-Hawai`i.

Bringing these two women to Hawai`i is incredibly expensive (~$1,300 for airfare, plus the cost of publicity, venue and incidentals). If you’re able to donate toward this event send a check to World Can’t Wait-Hawai`i at P. O. Box 11225, Honolulu, HI 96828 and put “Israeli teens” on the memo line.

Spread the word! This is being done on very short notice. Some of you remember that Ann Wright suggested we bring these teens out when she spoke at Revolution Books a couple of weeks ago. Now it’s going to happen but we still need to pay for it and get an audience for these courageous women. Tell your friends, family, acquaintances. Send this e-mail to others. Announce it at church services and in classrooms. If you want a copy of the leaflet/poster send by e-mail, send us your request.

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