Disarm Now! Mobilizing Call for the NPT Review

Please support this call for nuclear disarmament by leading anti-nuclear and peace groups.   Their is a small window for making progress on nuclear disarmament. In 2010, the countries that are party to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty will meet in New York for the 5-year review of the treaty.  Civil society groups will converge to hold parallel events to influence the outcome of the talks.  The key issue many see is holding the nuclear powers to Article VI of the treaty which calls for disarmament.  Without a commitment by the nuclear powers tot honor this section, it will be difficult to expect near nuclear powers to abide by commitments to not pursue nuclear weapons.   This is the major flashpoint issue with Iran and North Korea.


PLEASE SIGN ON: Disarm Now! Mobilizing Call for the NPT Review

Dear Friends

Even as we focus on ending the U.S. wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, I have been deeply involved in work with nearly thirty international and U.S. peace organizations to bring pressure to bear on the U.S. and other nuclear powers to do more than talk about a nuclear weapons free future, but to create it.

Next May the seminally important Nuclear Proliferation Treaty Review Conference will take place in New York.

Given the continuing urgent need to prevent nuclear war, global demands – including from many governments and the United Nations – hat the nuclear powers finally fulfill their Article VI commitments to negotiate the elimination of the world’s nuclear arsenals, and the hopes for abolition aroused by President Obama, we are hopeful that popular demands for NPT Review conclude with a commitment to begin negotiations on a nuclear abolition treaty can have a powerful impact.

Recall that Obama has been clear that to create change, including a nuclear weapons free world, people and the social movements have to demand it. We have to make it politically possible, unavoidable, for the U.S. and other nuclear powers to eliminate the genocidal and omnicidal weapons.

I am writing to urge that your organization sign the attached call, initiated by eight international and nineteen national organizations that are organizing a series of inspiring and powerful activities at next April and May to impact the NPT Review. Those activities include: a massive global petition campaign (the U.S. petition can be found at http://www.peace-action.org/nukes/campaigns/nptpetition.htm; movements in other nations are circulating petitions that best meet their needs,) an international peace conference (April 30 and May 1,) and an International Day of Action for a Nuclear Free World (May 2.)

Please arrange for your organization to join by signing our call and by planning to join in our activities. As Quakers would say, this is not a time “to hide our light under a bushel.” If we are to change the course of history our voices must become louder and omnipresent. Unless we deepen our commitments and extend ourselves in educating, organizing and mobilizing, the powers that be will be free to act as recklessly as they will.

Our call needs to be as broad and strong as possible. We need many organizations from many countries and movements to sign it and to engage in the NPT Review Conference. Please also share our call with other organizations in your networks and your country so that they can join in too.

Endorsements of the call should be sent to npt@ialana.de. You can further contact us at AFSC, JGerson@afsc.org or 2161 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, Ma. 02140 and IALANA, Schützenstrasse 6a, 10117 Berlin, Germany, as well as by contacting any of the other participating organizations.

Join Us!

Joseph Gerson
American Friends Service Committee


International Planning Group – for Nuclear Abolition, Peace and Justice

Disarm Now!

Mobilizing Call of the NPT Review 2010

Today our world is facing crises on an unprecedented scale – global warming, poverty, war, hunger, and disease. They threaten the very future of life as we know it, and on a daily basis bring death, sorrow and suffering to the majority of people on our planet. Yet these problems are almost entirely the results of human action and they can be equally be resolved by human action. We have an unprecedented opportunity to create the political will to manage the riches and natural bounty of our world in such a way as to meet the needs of all peoples, and to enable us to live together in peace and justice

Such is the desire of the overwhelming majority of peoples, yet we face a situation today where global military spending – money for killing – has now reached a total of $1.46 trillion in 2008. Furthermore, nine countries maintain arsenals of nuclear weapons – all together, over 23,000 warheads. These uniquely destructive weapons can not only destroy life on our planet many times over, but they are also used as political weapons of terror, reinforcing an unjustifiable global inequality. The eradication of these weapons will not only end the threat of global annihilation and this hierarchy of terror, but it will unlock enormous resources to address climate change and mass poverty, serve as the leading edge of the global trend towards demilitarisation, and make advances in other areas of human aspiration possible.

In spite of treaty obligations and international resolutions and rulings over the decades since the criminal atomic bombings of Japan by the United States in 1945, the nuclear weapons states have failed to eliminate their nuclear arms. Their continued possession of these weapons, together with modernisation of systems and increasingly aggressive nuclear use policies in recent years, have contributed to an increasing tendency towards their proliferation – and a greater likelihood of nuclear war.

The nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) requires both non-proliferation and disarmament, and must be supported and strengthened – yet it lacks a concrete process for achieving these essential goals. Furthermore, there are grave problems with its Article IV. This guarantees the right to peaceful nuclear energy but overlooks the inextricable link between nuclear power and weapons technologies and their health and environmental costs.
The newly-launched International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) provides an opportunity to phase out nuclear power, superseding the Article IV guarantee. This said, the NPT continues to provide the framework for advancing towards an essential new initiative – a timetable for the elimination of nuclear weapons so urgently sought by the global majority.

The NPT Review Conference in May 2010 presents a precious opportunity to take that initiative. It is an opportunity that must on no account be missed. After the spiralling aggression of the Bush era, the Obama presidency provides a new context for our campaigning. President Obama’s commitment – alongside that of President Medvedev of Russia – to global abolition of nuclear weapons is greatly welcomed, and their first steps towards bilateral reductions and support for treaties restricting nuclear developments are positive. However, the goal of global abolition cannot be postponed into the indefinite future, for only a defined, achievable and timetabled process can halt the proliferation that threatens us all.

To this end, to secure a future for humanity and our planet, to help create the conditions for a world of peace, justice and genuine human security, we urge the 2010 NPT Review Conference to make an unambiguous commitment to begin negotiations on a convention for the time-bound elimination of all nuclear weapons – a Nuclear Weapons Convention.

Such a step will not happen without the active encouragement of civil society, giving voice to the yearning of the global majority for a world free from the fear of nuclear annihilation. We urge all those who share this vision to join us in mobilising for the international peace conference in New York on May 1st and the International Day of Action for a Nuclear Free World, in New York and globally, on May 2nd, as well as for the presentation of petition signatures to the NPT Review Conference.

First Signatories:

International Organizations

Abolition 2000 Global Council

Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space

International Association of Lawyers Against Nuclear Europe

International Association of Peace Messenger Cities

International Network of Engineers and Scientists for Global Responsibility

International Peace Bureau

Pax Christi International

Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom

National Organizations

American Friends Service Committee, USA

Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, UK

Deutsche Friedensgesellschaft – Vereinigte KriegsdienstgegnerInnen, Germany

Emil Touma Institute for Palestinian and Israeli Studies, Israel

Gensuikyo, Japan

International Lawyers Against Nuclear Arms, German Section

International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War, German Section

Mouvement de la Paix, France

Naturwissenschaftlerinitiative Verantwortung für Frieden und Zukunftsfähigkeit, Germany

Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, USA

Peace Action, USA

Peace Women Partners Asia-Pacific, Philippines

STOP the War Coalition, Philippine Section

Swedish Peace Committee, Sweden

Swedish Peace Council, Sweden

The Coalition for a ME Free of Nuclear Weapons, Israel

U.S. Peace Council, USA

Vredesactie – Bomspotting, Belgium

Western States Legal Foundation, USA

Cambridge / Berlin, 29th of September 2009

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