New Report: Military Recruiters: Criminal, Abusive or Suspect Activity

Military Recruiters: Criminal, Abusive or Suspect Activity

Eight-year Chronological Review of Public Reports as of August 28, 2009

Compiled by Learning Not Recruiting – Toledo, Ohio

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By no means should this compilation be considered a definitive report covering all cases of criminal, abusive or suspect activity by military recruiters or the recruiting command. For example, in 2004 the Army alone selfreported over 325 cases of recruiter fraud, with only 35 recruiters relieved of duty (see CBS News report dated July 14, 2005). Self-reported Department of Defense records show that rapes or sexual assaults by military recruiters numbered at least 100 in 2005 (see Kansas City Star report dated August 20, 2006). Our margins in compiling are a result of existing limitations in media database research vs. the military’s access to their own records. All reports we cite have been saved.

This compilation was created to visibly support the widely-held opposition to military recruiters having federally-forced access to youth via schools and access to youth throughout their communities, largely due to exorbitant military recruiting budgets.

Military Recruiters: Criminal, Abusive or Suspect Activity


1. Case impugns Marine recruiting

2. Parents of recruit sue the Army, say they were misled

3. Marine recruiter gets 3 years for sexual assault

4. Air Force recruiter charged with selling drugs

5. Marine recruiter charged with pimping girl, 14

6. Recruiter allegedly propositioned student

7. Ex-CCHS Army recruiter under investigation

8. Former Marine recruiter pleads guilty of rape

9. Miramontes guilty of manslaughter

10. Recruiter charged in child prostitution sting

11. 2 recruiting bosses fired after suicide probe

12. Low morale, stress blamed in Army recruiter suicides

13. Marine gunnery sergeant jailed 90 days for adultery

14. Substance abuse appears a problem among stressed Army recruiters


1. Recruiter Faces Sexual Conduct Charges

2. Navy recruiter arrested for drug distribution

3. Recruiter accused of sexual assault

4. High School Military Recruiter Accused of Raping Students

5. Recruiter charged with sexual assault

6. Marine who forced sex on recruit gets 4 months prison

7. National Guard recruiter disciplined for alleged sexual advances

8. Marine recruiter faces sex charges with teen

9. Army recruiter pleads guilty to distributing child pornography

10. Army Recruiter Charged in Bonanza Bank Robbery

11. San Antonio recruiting commander fired

12. Army Recruiter Used Scare Tactics

13. Suspect Soldiers: California National Guard scrutinizes recruiter offenses

14. Navy high school recruiter faces charge of sex with 16-year-old

15. Navy recruiter’s false promises allegedly snare Kapolei students

16. Racist recruiting? Marine Corps ad draws fire

17. Vt. Guard Member Charged With Sex Assault

18. Ex-National Guard recruiter admits to assaulting 7 female students

19. Marine gets 180 days for stalking

20. Army Recruiter Charged with Husband’s Murder

21. Army recruiter charged with child endangerment

22. Guard: Recruiter faked GEDs

23. Taming the Recruiters: Students Feel Cheated After Enlisting, Lawmakers Hear

24. Former Army recruiter arrested for bigamy

25. Marines Jailed On DWI Charges


1. Pa. National Guard recruiter charged with raping recruit

2. National Guard recruiters cited for improprieties

3. Army recruiter facing child porn charges

4. Plea set in child porn case

5. Navy recruiter accused of inappropriate contact with Darlington High student

6. Nine marine recruiters punished in exam fraud

7. Recruiter for Guard facing sex charges

8. Oregon recruiter dead in apparent suicide

9. Army Officer Arrested for Rockets in Home

10. More Army recruits have criminal past

11. Army recruiter pleads guilty to felony identity theft

12. Recruiter convicted of rape after suicide attempt

13. 15 recruiters fired over sex protection rules

14. Recruiters guilty of having sex with recruits

15. Marine recruiter faces child porn charges

16. Betrayal of Trust

17. AZ Guard applicants paid for test scores

18. Woman Says Marine Recruiter Nearly Tricked Son

19. Army Recruiter Gets Jail for Sex Crime

20. Marine Corps to alter recruiting practices after alleged rapes

21. Navy recruiter facing charges of sex assault

22. Probe sought over alleged recruiting lies

23. Dishonorable Deceptions: Army Recruiters Caught on Hidden Camera

24. Ex-Marine recruiter sentenced to jail

25. Naked porn-surfing Army recruiter arrested

26. Former recruiter charged in molestation case

27. Army Recruiter Investigated For Bigoted E-Mails

28. Guard recruit efforts flawed

29. Military Takes Case Of Recruiter Accused Of Rape

30. Recruiter pleads to porn

31. Former Army recruiter gets probation

32. S.C. Recruiters Demoted Over Sex Scandal

33. Army Recruiter accused of sex with teenage girl

34. Child Rapist Sentenced to Prison


1. Tucson military recruiters ran cocaine

2. Related Sidebar: The 11 who were caught

3. Hard Sell: Maryland National Guard’s “Recruiter Of The Year” Talks People Into All Sorts of Things

4. Army Recruiters Accused of Misleading Students

to Get Them to Enlist

5. Army recruiter arrested, molestation of pre-teen girl alleged

6. Army recruiter admits to forgery

7. Rosenberg Detectives Bust Marine Recruiter On Child Sex Charges

8. Navy recruiter in St. Cloud fined for teen drinking

9. Predators in uniform: Records show a rise in attacks on girls who show an interest in joining the service

10. 2 recruiters disciplined for signing autistic teen

11. Army recruiter charged with official oppression

12. Former Army recruiter gets 4-8 years for sex with girl

13. Air Force recruiter, coach arrested on charges of sexual misconduct with child

14. Army to assess if Oregon recruiter lied

15. Army recruiter charged in online teen-sex sting

16. Former Marines Sentenced for Smuggling Undocumented Aliens

17. 14 area Army recruiters face investigation

18. Recruiter accused of having sex with teens

19. Kingsport man accused of trying to buy bomb for use in murder


1. Marines: Looking for a Few Good Aliens?

2. Former Army recruiter will stand trial on charges of taking lewd photos of teen

3. Army demotes recruiter of teen

4. Local Marine Recruiter Accused of Child Porn Possession

5. Woman can’t sue Army for sexual assault by recruiter

6. Gets 12 years

7. Hardball Recruiter Gets Promoted

8. Guard recruiter is suspended

9. Army recruiter in Gainesville is charged with rape

10. Woman accuses Guard of recruitment deception

11. Military Recruiters Lie About Dangers In Iraq

12. Former Army recruit says his life was threatened

13. Army reps face sex trial suit: Two recruiters took minors home

14. Army Recruiters Say They Feel Pressure to Bend Rules

15. Ex-Army Recruiter Pleads Guilty for Role in Credit-Card Fraud Case

16. Army recruiter faces sex charge


1. Recruiter charged with sexual assault

2. Army official faces charges

3. Air Force recruiter guilty in murder-for-hire plot

4. Recruiter pleads guilty to fraudulent enlistments

5. Two recruiters will leave Navy rather than face court-martial

6. Navy Recruiter Charged with Identify Theft

7. Marine recruiter gets 5 years for raping teen

8. Marine recruiter charged with rape of Blooming Grove girl, 16

9. Lawsuit alleges Army recruiter assaulted woman

10. 2nd man to die in 2002 killing


1. Army recruiter had gun in luggage, officials say

2. Ex-Army recruiter gets 16-months

3. Marine Recruiter Charged with Assaulting Md. Girl

4. Air Force recruiter arrested

5. Recruiter pleads guilty to sex abuse


1. Army Recruiter Guilty in Identify Theft

2. Northern Idaho recruiter pleads guilty to sex charges

3. Former Navy recruiter pleads no contest to molestation

4. Chicago recruiter to face court-martial next month

5. Recruiter arrested

6. Recruiter convicted in forgery case

7. Navy recruiter accused of sending cocaine to Jacksonville sailor


1. Army recruiter accused of allegedly harassing high school student

2. Teen cannot sue government for alleged rape by recruiter, court rules

3. Recruiter accused in fatal accident

4. Airman earns jail time for inappropriate relationships

5. Army checking tale of recruiter and 3 runaways

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