Strykers in Hilo veteran’s parade


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Lt. Col. Warline S. Richardson October 30, 2009

Commanding Officer

Pohakuloa Training Area (PTA)

Dear Col. Richardson:

I have received a report that Stryker urban assault vehicles from PTA, recently returned from Iraq, will be in the Nov. 7th Hilo Veterans parade. Including Stryker vehicles in the parade is a provocative action that glorifies war disguised as honoring veterans. I urge that Strykers and other combat weapons be kept out of the parade. To parade these killing machines through our peaceful streets desensitizes young and old to the horrors of war.

As you know, basing Strykers in Hawaii has been a major controversy. Their use of Depleted Uranium (DU) weapons in Iraq contaminating that country forever is equally controversial, and likely related to the Gulf War Syndrome that has effected the health of hundreds of thousands of disabled U.S. veterans and millions of Iraqi citizens The fact that these Strykers are currently doing live-fire training at Pohakuloa, known to be contaminated with DU, risks spreading that contamination, endangering the health and safety of troops and the citizens of this island. Bringing these Strykers, that may be contaminated with DU, down the streets of Hilo adds insult to injury.

Our organization supports veterans being given the best possible medical care but we are opposed to U.S. illegal wars of aggression that keep producing more and more disabled veterans. It’s time to end these U.S. illegal wars and the illegal U.S. occupations of Iraq, Afghanistan, and Hawaii. If your goal is to truly honor vets, take the money you would spend to transport the Strykers to and from downtown Hilo and use it for their medical care.

With gratitude and aloha,

Jim Albertini


cc: government officials and the media

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