Hilo groups will protest Strykers on parade

According to the Honolulu Advertiser article Strykers will be included in the Hilo Veterans parade:

Organizers hoped to keep word of the vehicles a secret from peace activists like Jim Albertini of the Malu Aina Center for Non-Violent Education and Action, in an attempt to ward off conflict.

Albertini found out anyway, and on Sunday wrote an open letter to Lt. Col. Warline Richardson of Pohakuloa Training Area, asking that the vehicles be kept out of the parade.

Albertini says he’s concerned that the presence of the vehicles “glorifies war” under the guise of honoring veterans. He’s also raised concerns that the Strykers, which are involved in training exercises at Pohakuloa, could be contaminated with depleted uranium and may pose a health risk to citizens.

Richardson called Albertini on Monday to confirm that two Strykers would be in the parade, but they would be unarmed command vehicles. There would be numerous other, non-controversial vehicles in the parade, including an ambulance and transport vehicles.

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