Karl Rove protested in Honolulu

Thanks to World Can’t Wait for photos of the action at the Hilton Hawaiian Village where Karl Rove was speaking to a Republican Party function:

Protesting Karl Rove

Friday afternoon more than 25 protesters lined both sides of the entrance to the Hilton Hawaiian Village where Karl Rove was scheduled to speak at the Hawaii Republican Party’s Lincoln Memorial Dinner. Signs read: “Karl Rove – Wanted for War Crimes,” “Arrest Karl Rove,” and “Stop torture.” Protesters kept up their chanting for almost two hours, echoing off the walls of the 30-story hotel while tourists sipping their drinks looked on from lanais overhead. Several protesters in orange suits and black hoods knelt along the curb. At one point Ann Wright took a bullhorn and did some great agitation exposing Rove’s crimes. A particularly humorous moment was when one elderly tourist told Ann to “grow up” and she quickly retorted by citing her military and state department career –causing him to beat a quick escape.

Republican attendees entering the parking area had to pass within a few feet of the protesters. Some stared straight ahead, refusing to acknowledge the protesters. Many raised their middle fingers and a few even pointed their finger and pretended to pull the trigger. One well-dressed woman draped in leis rolled down her window and yelled “grow up!”. It definitely wasn’t a friendly crowd. However, many tourists and residents stopped to show their support and thanked us or enthusiastically waved from their car windows. A few made exceptionally ugly comments about wanting to “pull thumbnails,” or waterboard us. One shouted: “When we conservatives get the power we’ll just line you up against a wall and shoot you!” Response was extremely polarized.

While the banquet hall itself was on Hilton property and inaccessible to protesters, the entrance was only a short way from the street and attendees couldn’t have missed hearing the chants. Also, two UH students managed to get into the venue to scope it out and reported that the protest was being talked about by people inside.

If Karl Rove expected to escape protesters in Hawai’i he was in for a big surprise. Activists said afterwards that they not only thought THIS protest a great success, but that it was really heartening to know that we had been part of a growing effort to confront these war criminals wherever they go!

To check out some of the other protests that have been meeting these war criminals, be sure to go to www.warcriminalswatch.org. Click on their Facebook to get the latest — including a video of the demo against Rove at Santa Barbara the night before ours. There the students managed to REALLY confront him, causing him to flee the area. Having student fees pay for a talk by Rove on the UC Santa Barbara campus was obviously enough to motivate hundreds of Santa Barbara students to this protest! Following are more pictures of our demo.

rove rove 2 rove 3

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