Inouye “assured” that Strykers will be in Hawai’i

Senator Inouye issued a press release today that states:

Senator Daniel K. Inouye announced today that the financial foundation to base one of the Army’s new, more lethal, and lightning-quick Stryker Brigades at Schofield Barracks is included in the more than $330.5 million in federal funds earmarked for 21 military construction projects in Hawaii for Fiscal Year 2004 that begins on October 1, 2003.

Furthermore, the press release states:

While an official decision has not yet been made, Senator Inouye has been assured that one of the six Stryker Brigades will be based in Hawaii, and Schofield Barracks will be building new facilities, adding personnel, and increasing its land area to accommodate the unit.

This indicates that the stationing of the Stryker Brigade in Hawai’i was pre-decided in violation of the National Environmental Policy Act and rendering the entire public participation process a meaningless sham.

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