Targeting Children: U.S. uses comics to promote U.S.-Japan military alliance

The U.S. is using manga, a Japanese comic book form to promote its tattered military alliance with Japan.  Psyops targeting children?

And the racial and sexual politics of the characters are just a little creepy.  The blond blue-eyed boy “Usa-kun” protects the house of the girl “Arai Anzu”. When asked why he says “Because we have an alliance…We are ‘Important Friends’.”

Meanwhile, a U.S. marine was arrested as the suspect in another rape of a woman in Okinawa.   I guess ‘Important Friends’ expect special privileges from the ones they protect.


3 August 2010 Last updated at 05:36 ET

Manga to promote US-Japan military alliance

Front cover of the first of the four manga comics
The manga is the first of four explaining the half-century alliance

The US military is to use manga-style comics to teach Japanese children about the two countries’ security alliance.

Four comics featuring a Japanese girl and a visiting US boy will be posted online, each exploring how US and Japanese troops work together.

In it the young girl, Arai Anzu – which sounds like alliance when pronounced by a Japanese person – asks the boy, Usa-kun – a play on USA – why he is protecting her house.

“Because we have an alliance,” he says. “We are ‘Important Friends’.”

“It’s good to have a friend you can rely on to go with you,” the little girl concludes.


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