Who pulled Conley’s trigger? – Violent Cases In Hawaii Involving PTSD Patients Likely To Increase

The recent apparent double-murder-suicide by former National Guardsman Clayborne Conley, who suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, underscores the human cost of the wars.

Conley may have pulled the trigger that killed Kristine Cass, Saundra Cass and himself, but who pulled Conley’s trigger?  And will they be held accountable?



Violent Cases In Hawaii Involving PTSD Patients Likely To Increase

From Those Who Deal With PTSD Soldiers: ‘We Could See More Incidents’

POSTED: 4:46 pm HST August 21, 2010

HONOLULU — According to those who work with the military, violent acts involving PTSD patients are a national trend and Hawaii is not immune.

Clayborne Conley,43, was a former Hawaii Army National Guardsman with the 29th Infantry Brigade.

“The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are very different than wars in the past because 30 percent of the troops are National Guard and reserve soldiers who are at higher risk for mental health conditions like PTSD or other types of injuries, like traumatic brain injury,” said Foster.

“We have to assume that war changes people. We need to assume that coming back with a traumatic brain injury or diagnosed with PTSD is very likely and look immediately for those tell tale signs and provide support services and counseling even if the symptoms are not full blown,” said Foster.


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