DREAM or Nightmare?

There is a growing movement to oppose the military recruitment provisions of the so-called DREAM Act. Pablo Paredes, a GI war resister who visited Hawai’i and spoke with students, writes a blog A DREAM Deployed, to raise critical voices about the DREAM Act.  In an email he writes:

DREAM Act will once again be in the National spotlight and possibly see a vote after the elections. AFSC has wonderful analysis and statements on this piece of legislation and ways to strengthen it. However these statements and analysis are not yet part of the national dialogue. Now and over the course of the next few weeks when the country is looking at this issue is the time to share and share widely this perspective. I have been blogging and speaking on this every opportunity i have. Jesus Palafox in Chicago and I were involved in some video projects to raise these concerns using more accessible media.

Below is a link to a blog I am maintaining. This particular blog entry includes a video with Jesus, and a petition to sign calling on elected officials to bring back the community service component to the DREAM Act. Please share this link on facebook, twitter, e-mail blasts, and any other ways you can to make this perspective part of the national discussion.


Here’s a clip from a documentary about the targeting of Latinos for military recruitment”

“Yo Soy El Army: America’s New Military Caste” Clip #2 The Dream of Citizenship. from bignoisetactical on Vimeo.

Also check out: http://67percent.net/

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