Helicopter flyovers, unexploded ordnance and $20 million for APEC security

A few tidbits from the news…

In the past week, I found myself having to yell on numerous occasions to be heard over the noise of increased Army helicopter flyovers.  This problem will worsen for Kane’ohe residents with the Marine Corps proposal to increase the number and types of aircraft stationed at the Marine Corps Base Hawai’i in Kane’ohe.  As a consolation prize, you can tour helicopters on Moku’ume’ume (aka Ford Island) this week.   The Honolulu Star Advertiser reports “Military helicopters to fly to Ford Island to open conference”:

U.S. Army and Coast Guard helicopters will fly onto Ford Island on Friday and Saturday to open an aviation conference at the Pacific Aviation Museum Pearl Harbor.

Meanwhile, Makua Beach and Keawaula sections of Ka’ena Point State Park have been reopened to the public after a temporary closure so the Army could survey for unexploded ordnance.  The military had used the areas for training between 1930 and 1990. The Army found one munition:

The Army didn’t find any unexploded ordnance in public-use areas, but it found a World War II-era 4.2 inch mortar body in a remote and inaccessible spot inland from Keawaula.

The weapon didn’t have a fuse and was transported to Schofield Barracks for proper disposal.

And the Honolulu Police Department is not worried about losing $5 million in federal subsidies to provide security for the APEC conference in November.  According to the Honolulu Star Advertiser:

The money was part of Hawaii’s $321 million share of a controversial $1.3 trillion appropriations bill that U.S. Sen. Daniel Inouye said he would no longer support after President Barack Obama vowed to veto any bill containing earmarks.

The Honolulu Police Department is already allocating $20 million for APEC security — $10 million in fiscal year 2011, which ends June 30, and $10 million in fiscal 2012.

When the Asian Development Bank held its meeting in Honolulu, the police grew more militarized.  The Hawaii Tourism Authority even helped to buy riot control weapons and gear for the police.    How militarized are we?




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John Doe

Helicopter harassment is becoming an issue here on the island of Oahu. There’s been reports of aggressive or personal helicopter flights while people are driving in automobiles, walking, and over homes. Pray Hawaii doesn’t become a “police state” as even it’s officers won’t like all that comes with that type of force – even for it’s officers. Let’s centralize all photos, videos, and efforts to take back the peaceful sky and reduce the possibility for human nature to be over zealous. Just take a look at the evening sky and see how many lights are not commercial airlines or starts – it will send a chill down your spin.

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