Attempted suicide by Schofield soldier?

According to KHON News, yesterday Army MPs responded to a soldier barricaded in a vehicle with a gun. The soldier suffered a gunshot wound and was taken to the hospital.  Was this an attempted suicide?



Army police respond to barricade situation


At approximately 5:30 p.m., Army law enforcement responded to an emergency call regarding a Soldier brandishing a weapon on post.

Military police cordoned off the area, while the individual was barricaded in a vehicle.

Federal Fire and EMS personnel also reported to the scene.

The individual suffered a gunshot wound was taken to Wahiawa General Hospital for treatment.

The incident is under investigation, and the condition of the individual is unknown at this time.



She commited suicide. She was pronounced dead in Wahiawa last night around 2000.


I’m sorry to hear that. Our aloha goes out to her and her family and friends.


I’m sorry to hear about this. My brother too attempted an overdose in around the same date/time which nobody in our family seems to know what ‘really’ happened. He was “supposedly” picked up by police (military or civilian I’m not sure) while stumbling around in a park, and taken to Tripler which is where they determined he had overdosed on tylenol, etc. After a week and a half of being in the Hospital, he was released, all family returned back to their respective states and my brother goes on with the attitude/action toward his family that all is good, nothing is or was wrong, nothing has happened and then August 8th, I receive a call from my mom telling me my brother is missing, later hearing a body was found but unidentifiable (why would any police or military tell a mother that…rude, crude), then even later hearing that the found body was determined to be my brother (Cade). After ferensics, it was determined he was in his state (dead) since Friday at 4 am…that was 3 days before they supposedly found him………things in this case don’t add up to me. Honolulu police no nothing. The navy won’t tell anything…..hmmmmmmm. Can’t find anything on the web about Cade Butler other than his obituary my mother placed in the newspaper. Maybe somebody can fill me in as to why he “Cade” committed suicide…..if that is what really happened.

I am truly sorry to hear about any loss in the military weather it is self-inflicted, accidental, murder, or killed in action.

God bless everybody!


Hey Mike, I loved your brother Cade as one of my closest friends in the Navy, if you have any questions concerning his suited email me

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