Two former Schofield soldiers plead guilty of bribery and conspiracy regarding $20 million military contract in Afghanistan

The Honolulu Star Advertiser reports:

Two former Schofield Barracks soldiers who were scheduled to go to trial today on bribery, conspiracy and money laundering charges involving a $20 million military contract in Afghanistan pleaded guilty Monday in federal court.

Retired Army Sgt. Charles O. Finch pleaded guilty to one count each of bribery and conspiracy, while Sgt. Maj. Gary O. Canteen pleaded guilty to one count of bribery.

Both face up to five years in prison for the bribery charges, while Finch faces up to 15 years for the conspiracy charge.


According to Finch’s and Canteen’s plea agreements, $100,000 of the bribe money went into the bank account of a Pearl City T-shirt and souvenir shop owned by Canteen. The two men then split the money.

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