…Yes, DLNR will let the Army violate Mauna Kea

Marti Townsend of KAHEA reported:

Another disappointing day at the BLNR.

After five hours of testimony (the majority in opposition), the Land Board voted to accept the finding of no significant impact in the final environmental assessment. The vote was:

Pacheco: No
Edlao: yes
Alia: yes
Goode: yes
Agor: yes
Gon: no

Then after that they voted to approve the right of entry permit, along the same vote lines. The logic expressed by Agor and Edlao was that it was a short time period, an EIS will be required next time, and tho there may be an impact if we limited our actions based on what “may” happen then nothing would ever happen.

Pacheco spoke strongly in support of protecting the Palila habitat. Gon spoke strongly in support doing a more comprehensive cultural impact assessment. Aila didn’t say anything.

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