ACTION ALERT: Let Gaza Live! Actions in Honolulu


Israel, with the full backing of the U.S. creates the largest open-air concentration camp in history. No one can escape. No humanitarian relief is allowed in. No journalists are allowed to witness the horror. THEN ISRAEL DROPS BOMBS ON THE CONCENTRATION CAMP! They are dropped by Apaches and F-16’s supplied by the U.S. Bombs are made in the U.S. And all the while it’s “business as usual” in the U.S. THIS CANNOT BE TOLERATED!

Call to Action

Saturday, January 10,

10:00 am – 12:00 pm


Honolulu Signholdings/Protests at 3 major intersections:

  • Ala Moana at Atkinson (at the entrance to Ala Moana Park)
  • King/University at Star Market Triangle Park
  • Likelike Highway at School (Kam Shopping Center corner)

Bullhorns and drums are encouraged.

Bring everyone you know! Send messages to your e-lists. Pick up the phone and give people a call. Bring your kids (there’s quite a bit of room at both the Star and Ala Moana locations). Remember water.

Don’t limit your actions to Saturday morning! Remember there is a signholding against the war every Friday afternoon in front of the Federal Building from 4:00-6 pm. Everyone is invited. Make a sign or banner – round up a friend – and hold it at any busy intersection or at a freeway overpass. Put a sign in your window. BREAK THE SILENCE!

On Saturday we will be part of a National Day of Protest, with a march on the White House in Washington D.C. Be part of speaking out against the genocide of the Palestinian people in Gaza!

Two excellent articles on Gaza:
Larry Everest at:
Dahr Jamail at:

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Leena Haija

I am coming to the protests! Thank you for getting this together, please let me know if you need my help in any way.

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