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Suspect in attempted ‘Martin Luther King, Jr. Day’ bombing may have military and white supremacist ties

The New York Times reports: A man suspected of planting a sophisticated bomb along the route of a march honoring the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in Spokane, Wash., was arrested early Wednesday, law enforcement officials said. A swarm of federal agents arrested the suspect, Kevin W. Harpham, 36, near his home outside rural… Read more »

Soldier suicide at Schofield Barracks a casualty of war and sexism

The following information about the suicide of Pvt. Galina Klippel has not been verified.   A commenter named Bearcat357 wrote on a forum at Media article sucks……and was just told I could post this….. Female Solider going through divorce was hopped up on pills/booze…..barricades herself in vehicle…. MPs/DOA Police arrive and shut the area down…. Read more »

Navy diver charged with murdering his 14-month-old son

The Star Advertiser reports that a Navy diver stationed at Pearl Harbor was charged with murdering his 14-month-old son back in 2009: A former Navy diver who worked with SEAL commandos at Pearl Harbor has been charged with murdering his 14-month-old son, nearly a year and a half after the boy died from severe brain… Read more »

Ann Wright: Crime and (Disparate) Punishment for US Soldiers

Published on Tuesday, March 8, 2011 by Crime and (Disparate) Punishment for US Soldiers Army Private Bradley Manning faces a death sentence while Army Specialist who mutilated the body of an Afghan gets “supervised chores” by Ann Wright The U.S. government is clearly signaling that murdering, raping, mutilating and assaulting are not nearly as… Read more »

Army identifies Schofield soldier who committed suicide

According to an AP article, the Army has identified the Schofield soldier who killed herself on March 4: The 8th Theater Sustainment Command said Monday Pvt. Galina M. Klippel is survived by her husband and foster mother. The 24-year old laundry and textile specialist is from Anchorage, Alaska. Klippel enlisted in the Army in 2007… Read more »

Attempted suicide by Schofield soldier?

According to KHON News, yesterday Army MPs responded to a soldier barricaded in a vehicle with a gun. The soldier suffered a gunshot wound and was taken to the hospital.  Was this an attempted suicide? >><< Source: Army police respond to barricade situation SCHOFIELD BARRACKS, Hawaii – At approximately 5:30 p.m., Army law enforcement… Read more »

Gunman kills 2 U.S. airmen, injures 2 others, at Frankfurt airport

The AP reports that two U.S. airmen were killed and two wounded in a shooting at the Frankfurt airport: A man armed with a handgun attacked a bus carrying U.S. airmen outside Frankfurt airport Wednesday, killing two Americans and wounding two others before being taken into custody, authorities said. The suspect is a 20-year old… Read more »

Woman to Woman in Afghanistan

Ann Jones wrote an interesting article in The Nation about the deployment of Female Engagement Teams as part of a counterinsurgency strategy in Afghanistan: The American military had been engaged in Afghanistan for almost eight years before anyone seemed to notice the effects of the occupation on nearly half the adult population, which happens to… Read more »

Sailors use Australian navy ships to ‘import cocaine, heroin’

Thanks to Mike Reitz for sharing this article with a headline: “Military in Hawaii the new French Connection?”  Apparently Australian sailors accused of smuggling drugs into their country picked up a package in Hawai’i: “…The source says naval ships recently returned from Pacific Rim war games in Hawaii with packages of drugs onboard…” >><< Source:… Read more »

The Silent Truth: murders of women in the military

Thanks to Ann Wright for sharing the links to two articles on violence against women in the military.  The first article discusses a new documentary The Silent Truth, about the murder of LaVena Johnson and subsequent cover up.  Ann has worked with the Johnson family to seek the truth and justice and was a consultant… Read more »