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Army trying to coopt Native Hawaiians

Yesterday, the last day of AFSC’s summer youth environmental justice training program Ka Makani Kaiaulu o Wai’anae,  we took the ten youth out to Makua to learn about the struggle to rescue the valley and to give ho’okupu back to the ‘aina – ti leaf plants that they had nurtured at home during the course… Read more »

Army “scales back” plans for Makua?

The Army proposed an extraordinary expansion, then scaled back to a more “reasonable” level of training, which is still more than before.  In fact, they are way overdue to clean up and return the land.   What’s a more reasonable level of theft, assault, desecration? Posted on: Friday, July 17, 2009 Army scales back plans for… Read more »

Army to resume assault on Makua

Updated at 12:04 p.m., Thursday, July 16, 2009 Army to resume Makua Valley exercises, but restrict weapons Advertiser Staff The Army said today it will resume live-fire exercises in Makua Valley but reduce the number of drills and restrict use of certain munitions. The Army said an environmental impact statement had suggested 50 company-sized combined… Read more »

Editorial: Army has not made case for Makua plan

Posted on: Sunday, June 14, 2009 Army has not made case for Makua plan Forging a military operations plan that adequately balances training needs with environmental and community concerns is a difficult prospect even under ideal circumstances. There’s no question: Our troops must be allowed to train and as a community, we need to do… Read more »

Sound off on Army training in Makua

Posted on: Sunday, June 14, 2009 Army training in Makua Advertiser Staff The release last week of the Environmental Impact Statement regarding live-fire training in Makua Valley reignited the debate over the valley’s fate and raised some familiar questions. Should the Army be allowed to resume live-fire training in Makua, given its proximity to inhabited… Read more »

Op Ed: Army doesn’t need Makua Valley for live-fire exercises June 19, 2009 Army doesn’t need Makua Valley for live-fire exercises Troops have trained elsewhere for years; other option needed By David Henkin “Let them train!” has been the rallying cry of Sen. Daniel Inouye and others who want the Army to resume live-fire exercises in Makua Valley. It’s an emotionally compelling plea. Who… Read more »

Why We Must Protect Makua Valley

Mahalo nui to Kehau Watson for this positive editorial calling for protection of Makua. Why We Must Protect Makua Valley June 14th, 2009 by Trisha Kehaulani Watson “E mālama i ka makua, he mea laha ‘ole.” Mary Kawena Pukui explained this ‘ōlelo no‘eau to mean “parents should be cared for, for when they are gone,… Read more »

Main Charge Disruptor

This manual was posted on wikileaks. It explains procedures for disposing of unexploded ordnance using shaped charge Main Charge Disruptor that is designed to penetrate the ordnance and burn out the explosive material with minimal detonation. This means that they could use this method to minimize dispersal of contaminated soil or damage to sites. Are… Read more »

Army lists 22 Makua cleanup areas

Posted on: Saturday, June 13, 2009 Army lists Makua cleanup areas Ordnance removal at 22 cultural sites will increase access By Will Hoover Advertiser Staff Writer The Army yesterday released a final list of 22 cultural sites on Makua Military Reservation deemed “high priority” for clearance of unexploded ordnance. The purpose of removing potentially dangerous… Read more »

Sen. Inouye weighs in on Makua

Predictably, Sen. Inouye has penned an editorial supporting the Army’s proposed expanded training in Makua valley. Let’s analyze his argument: 1. Army is a “good neighbor”. The US military was the force that overthrew the Hawaiian Kingdom and occupied Hawai’i. Capt. Alfred Thayer Mahan to Teddy Roosevelt (1897): “take (Hawaii) first and solve (political questions)… Read more »