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Vision of clean Kahoolawe drives former field technician Vision of clean Kahoolawe drives former field technician By Michael Tsai POSTED: 01:30 a.m. HST, Oct 18, 2010 There were many in those early days of the restoration who arrived on Kahoolawe, surveyed the spent munitions blown across barren fields and felt the injury to the island as an injury to their own spirit…. Read more »

‘Kanaloa Kahoolawe’

Source: ‘Kanaloa Kahoolawe’ A new era in isle’s revolution October 17, 2010 – By KEKOA ENOMOTO Staff Writer KAHOOLAWE – A bomb crater nearly as large as a football field is like an open wound on the southern coast of the former Target Island. The so-called Sailor’s Hat – a gaping hole 75 yards… Read more »

Protect Kaho’olawe Ohana: Stopping the Bombing – 20th anniversary

Next week is the 20th anniversary of the end to Navy bombing of Kaho’olawe. Protect Kaho’olawe Ohana Stopping the Bombing – 20th anniversary Friday, October 22, 2010 5:30 pm to 9:00 pm UH Manoa Center for Hawaiian Studies Halau o Haumea FREE Music By: Mailani, Kupa’aina, Steve Maii, The Helm Ohana, Blue Ocean Thai Organismz… Read more »

Windward Residents Sound Off Against Military Fleet

Source: Windward Residents Sound Off Against Military Fleet Noise Increase Tops Concerns POSTED: 9:52 pm HST August 26, 2010 HONOLULU — The military is proposing to move-in 24 Osprey aircrafts to the Marine Corps Base Hawaii in Kaneohe, along with 18 Cobra attack choppers and nine Huey helicopters. On Thursday night, windward residents spoke… Read more »

Navy refuses to allow public testimony at EIS Scoping meeting on Navy Expansion plans

Jim Albertini of Malu ‘Aina sent the following report from the Navy public scoping meetings in Hilo regarding planned expansion of its training and range complex in the Pacific.  The new control tactic of the military has been to use stations with information and subject matter “experts” to answer questions rather than hold public hearings… Read more »

Navy plans expansion of range and training activities in the Pacific

Hawaii-Southern California Traning and Testing Environmental Impact Statement and Overseas Environmental Impact Statement Here is the link to the Navy website for the project. The Navy proposes to expand its Hawaii Range Complex to the International Date Line.  It already encompasses 2.1 million square miles of sea, air and land.  The new proposal also includes… Read more »

Marines expansion threatens to “radically change” aircraft stationing and training in Hawai’i

The Marine Corps is threatening a major expansion in Hawai’i including basing of new aircraft, an increase in troops and dependents and expanded training.  The Navy/Marine Corps is preparing an Environmental Impact Statement for this expansion.  There will be public scoping meetings held in Aug 24-30. From the project website Public Scoping Open Houses… Read more »

Hawaii sugar grower working to power Navy (and deprive water to streams and Native Hawaiian farmers)

The Office of Naval Research, the same folks that brought Hawai’i the notorious classified Applied Research Laboratory (UARC), is funding research on Maui to grow biofuel for military use.    In the past, Hawaii Commercial and Sugar and other sugar plantations wrongfully diverted water from the streams on the windward sides of most islands for commercial… Read more »

On Maui: Hiroshima Commemoration

MAUI TIME WEEKLY, JULY 29, 2010 Remembering Hiroshima As An Act of Liberation The militarization of Hawaii and its effect on our economy and collective psyche is often overlooked. Activist Kyle Kajihiro wants to change that July 29, 2010 | 09:33 AM Outpost of Empire The militarization of Hawaii and its effect on our… Read more »

Navy funding may help convert Maui sugar plantation to biofuel production, and create new water fight

Sugar plantations were the biggest source of water theft in Hawai’i around 1900s, with massive tunnels siphoning off water to the dryer sugar growing areas of the islands from the traditional kalo (taro) producing areas.  In Maui the kalo farmers from East Maui have been engaged in an epic legal struggle with sugar companies over… Read more »