Schofield Soldier Charged with Exposing Himself

Schofield Soldier Charged with Exposing Himself

Written by Tina Chau –

September 26, 2007 03:38 AM

Kenneth Stanley, 22, was in his military garb when his mug shot was taken.

The soldier was arrested at Schofield Barracks and has been charged with exposing himself to young girls as they walked home from school.

Police said there are at least seven victims and that the flasher tended to strike between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m.

Two of the alleged incidents happened within blocks of each other in Aiea, on Lalani Street and Olopana Street and a third one in Mililani by Mililani High School.

Police said all three took place on separate days.

“As a parent here, I’m concerned for the children in the area,” said Mililani mom Cesceli Nakamura.

Several area schools have alerted parents about two guys in a black car driving up and down Kipapa Drive in Mililani, apparently putting on these unwelcome shows.

It is unclear whether it is related to the Stanley case, but parents are worried, especially after another alarming incident near Mililani High last week.

Police said a man tried to kidnap a 14-year-old girl by pulling her into some bushes.

Fortunately, she got away.

“She struggled and was able to get free,” said the school’s vice principal.

Letters were sent home to parents about that incident along with details of other reports by students who said they were offered drugs near campus.

This current case has parents being extra careful.

“I do have my young one who bikes to school and she comes home by herself sometimes,” said Neille Hagen, a mother of three. “We just informed them not to ever take a ride home with a stranger even if they presented themselves as a police officer.”

An official from Schofield Barracks said they were unaware of any arrests, but are looking into the incident.


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